Double Bill Thursdays

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Harkening to a bygone era, ‘Double Bill Thursdays’ aims to provide viewers with two perspectives on a single topic for the price of none! Contrasting, complementing, or challenging each other, these otherwise-isolated points of view open up new discussions about Latin American cinema when brought together.

So enjoy the free pairing and join us as we lead into the 17th Annual aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival!

Week 2 Double Bill: May 18, 2017 
Hidden in Plain Sight
The intrepid travelers featured in this week’s double bill find adventure in their own, ancestral backyards. Indigenous filmmaking collectives from South America unearth a lively portrait of the history concealed in the lush environments which Amazonian and Mapuche cultures have traditionally managed. You are invited to embark on an audiovisual voyage with the younger members of each community who seek a narrative context for the everyday spaces they inhabit.
The Making of Komakaya (Animaxá: Arte y Educación Territorial)

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Week 1 Double Bill: May 11, 2017 
Who Am I? 

In this week’s double bill, we feature films exploring to the age-old question by asking: who do you say I am? The
query takes viewers to remote communities and urban centres as individuals attempt to understand their indigenous

Ijunja Takat

Kyaka La Na

kayka la na