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Round Table: Collective Creative Creation in Indigenous Cinema

June 11, 2017 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Sunday, June 11th | 5:30 pm | CineCycle | 129 Spadina Avenue | Free

The Author theory has been the dominant model of film production, a model that maintains a vertical hierarchy and that doesn’t work within the cultural values of all communities. Collective creation is a model very present in the audio-visual production in indigenous communities, in the development of films that represent their lives and cosmologies. Cooperation is at the centre of this model that is based on horizontal relations and the sharing of knowledge from all the participants of the production. Our guests will share with us the modus operandi of the collective productions they have been part of, what are the challenges to this model and how it can grow and evolve. buytickets

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Panelists: Analicia López, Samay Cajas, Ariella Orbach, Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, François Laurent, Jimmy Elwood. 

“Author theory’s” essence as a filmmaking model depends, in large part, on a vertical hierarchy at odds with the practices of communities in which cultural production is a shared enterprise. Cooperation is at the centre of this model based on horizontal relations and the sharing of knowledge across all participants of the production. Within indigenous communities, such collective-creation ethos inspires audio-visual works which disavow any possibility of reducing complex worldviews to those of a single individual. Beyond a theoretical framework for analysis and reflection, communal filmmaking emerges as an instrument of action, communication, and representation for collectives and villages seeking to put forth their stories. It is an avenue for self-affirmation and the realization of a historical imaginary, identities, and belonging; while remaining a concrete manifestation of the vital force driving communities in their efforts to break the silence they have had to endure. And while it can be easy for communal filmmaking to become a mere moniker, shorthand, or umbrella term, its efficacy as a movement proves otherwise by creating a platform fostering experimentation and audiovisual communication.

As a social process, it also speaks to the high degree of organization of collectives and their resistance efforts in addition to tracing their struggle for influence within the officialdom of dominant, western societies. In this regard, each work marks a trajectory; making it all the more pressing to take note of the meaning given to those elements forming the collective identity of which they have so frequently been divested.To these considerations we add the development and effect of the digital revolution, which cleaved new paths for the production and reach of audiovisual media. The ability to capture, publish, and widely disseminate images of a superlative quality through the internet’s various networks and social spheres presents a reality which alters cinema’s form, communicative potency, and capacity for cultural exchange. Our guests will share the modus operandi of the collective productions they have supported, the challenges brought about by this model and proposals for its continued growth beyond the towering shadows of auteur cinema”.

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June 11, 2017
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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129 Spadina Ave
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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