The virtual tour offered by the web documentary ‘Pregoneros de Medellín’ and the interactive experience ‘Primal’ transports audiences across the Americas by way of the unlikely medium of travel afforded by the human voice. The city of Medellín, in the first instance, greets us with a cacophony of street singers. Yet, the soundscape becomes progressively discernible to the virtual tourist curious enough to follow each voice with a few cursor movements to its source and discover the personal stories behind the seductive music. The screaming-head documentary ‘Primal’, on the other hand, condenses the distance between Canada and Argentina through a thread of cries, borne from a gamut of feelings, and to which the artists of these partnering countries invite anyone to contribute. Join the featured professional criers and aficionados of shrieks as you embark on a digital journey bursting with expression.



A Collaborative Experience on the Expression of Our Strongest Feeling

Primal is a surprising new collaborative and interactive experience from Montreal’s NFB team and Encuentro, the Ministry of Education’s television channel in Argentina. Primal invites you to share your deepest feelings by screaming in front of your computer or your mobile device’s camera. By participating in Primal, you not only open yourself to the full extent of your expression, you also contribute to creating an eternal scream. Through this scream, everyone’s primitive expression of his or her innermost recesses comes to light. Whether the scream conveys joy, surprise, anger, fear, hatred or passion, it is the unwinding of the most intense emotions and the most basic instincts—it is universal and brings us back to the roots of humanity. It is up to you to express yourself by shouting your heart out or screaming until you are out of breath. Primal carefully collects images of each participant in order to create a collective and resounding work that is then revealed to the ears of the world.

Primal is the result of a meeting between Canadian and Argentine artists who combined their technical, visual and conceptual skills to create a virtual space where everyone can scream without restraint. In addition to being a space for expression, Primal is also a place of discovery. Through video portraits, you can explore the life, environment and reality of six young people in Quebec and Argentina who boldly participated in this screaming game.They filmed their screaming friends, interpreted their own motives, told their life stories, shared their experiences and became directors of their own cries.

Primal is something that is lived, listened to, and shared. Whether you follow it as a viewer or as a participant, Primal leaves you with a new understanding of the profound nature of your fellow human beings. A study guide on the project allows teachers to further examine the issue and to discuss it with young people by discovering, amongst others, artists who made screaming their subject.

To experience, see, hear and listen to, or to participate in Primal in your own way, visit


Web Interactive Documentary – Colombia

The interactive web documentary about those who sing to sell in Medellín, Colombia. A virtual tour through the work and personal universe of those who understand that lovers and customers are seduced by ear. A documentary initiative dreamed up by Esaú, Juliana and Angela Carabalí; that transformed into an interactive web-documentary thanks to Thibault Durand’s talent, French computer specialist and co-director of the project along with Angela Carabalí, Colombian photographer and documentarian.

Medellín’s soundscape is contrasting. In this city there are voices of all kinds, including urban shouting from street vendors. They understand that clientele, like lovers, are seduced by ear, and they commit to this in order to sell their products. The possibility offered by pregoneros de medellín is to tour the city to meet these vendors and confront their realities and problems. An interactive web documentary where the viewer/player engages in dialogue with the realities of informal workers who are rarely protagonists. On the tour, the user chooses their pace and path, creating a unique film experience. They can go back or turn in specific points, and, from their chair, go to meet criers who will tell and sing a bit of their world. There are interviews, videos, photographs and sound recordings to which the player gains access in the order and the time they want. The tour is performed with ears, eyes and of course with the heart.